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How To Line a Soccer Field

Spring is just around the corner, bringing with it warmer weather which is perfect for all sorts of outdoor games and activities. If you’ve got a couple of World Cup hopefuls on your hands, here’s how to line a soccer field by using our Athletic Field Starter Kit to get the job done right.

Start by surveying the grass you plan to paint to get a feel how much space you have available. A standard soccer field for adults is between 75 and 70 yards wide, and between 120 and 115 yards long but if you’re lining a soccer field for children those dimensions could be closer to 45 and 55 yards wide, and between 70 and 80 yards long. Be sure to place flags or other markers in the corners of your intended field so that you know when to stop your lines. Once you’ve got your field plotted out, you’re almost ready to paint the grass of your new soccer field.

Next, adjust the handle of your striping machine to your desired stripe width. When you paint on grass, you’re going to want all of the lines of your soccer field to be the same size, so make sure you know how wide you want them to be before you start to paint the grass. Bold, visible lines are vital to a safe and functioning soccer field so that the players can see where their boundaries are.

Prior to inserting your can of paint for grass into the striping machine, make sure to shake the can for at least one minute. This will loosen up the paint and make it dispense more evenly during your striping. After shaking the can and inserting it into your striping machine, be sure to secure the can of paint so that it remains in the machine for the duration of the striping process.

When using soccer field paint, unlike most soccer players, your objective is not to get from one end of the field to the other as quickly as possible. The best way to line a soccer field is to walk carefully and steadily as you spray paint on the grass. Take your time as you walk up and down the field so that your lines are straight and even. 

Once you’ve laid your lines you’re ready to have a ball. Fox Valley Painting is the home for all of your outdoor sports field painting needs to kick your game up a notch, from soccer field paint to paint for football fields. Check out our Athletic Field Starter Kit to get ready to get your game on.  Please call one of our Fox Valley Paint striping and marking professionals today with any questions or orders at Fox Valley Paint (844)-MARKALL. (844) 627-5255

Posted in Blog on January, 2021