Fox Valley Paint: Quality Painting Supplies.


How to get proper use out of a Fox Valley aerosol paint can!

  • Shake the can until ball rattles EASILY inside the can. Then shake it 30 seconds more.
  • If you do not use the whole can, you must “clear” the nozzle by holding it upright and press for a few seconds- this will clear the nozzle and stem from paint coagulating.
  • We do not guarantee partially used cans. Only full cans, minimum half case must not be working for credit.
  • Do not store paint in sub-freezing temperatures


Q: What do I do if the paint won’t spray / or is spraying unevenly?

A: Clear out/swap the nozzles of the can, or scrape the excess paint where the cans load into the paint machine. Almost every time this happens it is due to clogging. Paint is either dried in the nozzle of the can and can be cleaned out with diluted paint thinner. If the machine itself has excess paint built up where the cans load, take a screwdriver or knife and scrape out the excess paint from the discharge area.

Q: Which nozzle paint will fit into my Fox Valley Traffic/Athletic Striping Machine?

A: The paint nozzle uses a “spade tip” which is a green colored tip that looks like a spade on playing cards. It will fit into all GREEN colored striping machines. If you have happen to have an old striping machine that is ORANGE in color (at least 15 years or older), that uses the old “H” tip nozzle. We have a small supply of old “H tip” nozzles in limited colors. We suggest buying a new machine and using the new paint – If you are unable to buy a new machine, call us up and we may be able to help you.

Q: What’s the difference between Athletic paint, Traffic Paint, Easy Marker Paint, and Marks all?

A: The main difference is the nozzle. Even though the formulas of paint are very similar the paint is categorized mainly for the use.

Traffic Paint – For parking lots, warehouse, floors marking playgrounds etc.…

Athletic Paint – Soccer Fields, Baseball Fields, any athletic field, obstacle courses, outdoor car shows on grass etc.…

Easy Marker – Similar formula as the athletic or traffic – but has a different nozzle that is easier for hand use. We also sell pistols and long wands that make it easier to do free form marking quickly and easily.

Perfect for golf courses marking hazards/OB

Marks All – Same as Easy Marker, except with dedicated color codes that are the standard for industrial marking – Electrical, Water Lines, Gas Lines, Railroads, and more – See the AWPA Color chart for reference.