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About Us

Fox Valley Systems Inc, was started by Thomas J. Smrt, from Marengo, Illinois. He was a great man. He was an inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and father of four.

Despite not passing the 8th grade, he was a self-made millionaire. He served in the military and he was the inventor of the upside down aerosol spray paint can. This was previously impossible with spray cans, and opened up the abilities to now mark athletic fields, parking lots, utilities, trees for veneer companies, warehouses and many other applications. It is widely used by athletic departments, high schools, highway departments, motorcycle training schools and countless more municipalities. In fact people started their own line striping businesses using Fox Valley Paint. It also gave the ability for small to medium businesses and churches to stripe their own parking lots and be able to save them money by doing it themselves.

My father Joseph McKenna, owner of ARC SPORTS (a wholesale sporting goods supply company), met Thomas at a trade show 35+ years ago when Fox Valley Systems was just starting up, and became an early customers of Fox Valley Systems, and remained one for decades buying the great quality marking paint at a great price. Fast forward to March 6th 2013 – there was a large fire at Fox Valley Systems factory in Illinois. The factory closed and could not re-open due to complications from the fire. ARC SPORTS was able to keep the Fox Valley Paint legacy alive, by purchasing the remaining inventory and keep manufacturing paint with the same spirit and values as the original Fox Valley Systems. We hope that Thomas Smrt and his children will appreciate the legacy living on, and understand the respect and admiration we have for the Fox Valley tradition.

Since Thomas Smrt’s passing away a few years ago – we hope to keep Thomas Smrt and his children’s legacy alive by continuing to make and distribute the best quality striping paint while maintaining the Fox Valley traditions and values that made their business so reputable.


We offer fast efficient service because that’s what you deserve. At Fox Valley Paint we know how frustrating it can be to wait for a delay or mishandled order. We will always try to ship your paint order the same/ next day you have placed it. Call us at 844-627-5255 to order paint over the phone. We love talking to our customers and helping them get exactly what they need. We are and old fashioned company and know that the online ordering experience isn’t for everyone!