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Spray Tips 101: How Different Tips Produce Different Striping Lines

Fox Valley Paint sells two main types of inverted aerosol paints.

The first is for striping. The second is for marking.

Striping Paint uses a “Spade Tip”.  This tip is Green. (some of our older customers will remember the tip being red, however, it produces the same fan spray as the green tip) The spade tip produces a fan spray pattern; it’s wide, crisp yet thin – similar to a calligraphy pen.

Striping paint is used for making crisp edge line anywhere from 1″ wide to 5″ wide.  Fox Valley Green Machine and Fox Valley striping paint has the biggest range of line widths in the industry. It is used for striping lines in a parking lot or striping lines on an athletic field like for soccer striping. The tip on striping paint we will refer to as a “Fan Spray”.  Because it is wide yet thin horizontally.

The paint is shot out of the can in a horizontal fan-like pattern. This creates the stripe effect of the line which has well defined, crisp sides to it, and an evenly distributed coverage filling the stripe itself like you see on professional athletic fields like in soccer striping and football lines.   The quality of the line that Fox Valley Paint Super Stripe and Super Supreme produces relies on a few factors. Our proprietary nozzle design produces the sharpest line in the industry.  Our striping paints have the highest amounts of pigment in them for brightest lines.  That combined with the most accurate and reliable striping machine is guaranteed to give you the brightest, crispest striped line in the industry.

Marking Paint is used by utility marking companies, tree logging companies, golf courses, and industrial uses to make thin yet well-defined notations or writing on any types of surfaces.

Marking Paint uses a round tip spray pattern that is circular when applied to any surface.  It is similar to a ballpoint pen.

Our marking paints have this high output spray tip for making clearly defined, bold and bright markings on virtually any surface.  The well-defined spray pattern makes it intuitive for writing words or marking symbols clearly and effectively on the ground.

The spray tip on the marking paint is long and easy to press with your finger as well, contrary to the striping spade tip.  This is very convenient for the user to spray the can accurately.  It is also able to be used in the Fox Valley Paint Easy Marker spray wands, as well as the Easy Marker Pistol handles. Using these tools can make your job go much faster and is more comfortable in your hands and on your back while working.

So when choosing what paint nozzle, first ask what type of line do I want to make?

Fox Valley Paint Utility Marking Paints all use the “Marking Nozzle” which is long and thin and is best for writing more accurately and legibly.  Also more versatile for a variety of different uses.

The Fox Valley Athletic Paints and the Traffic Marking paints both use the “Spade Tip” or “Fan Tip” which is specifically designed and used for striping.  These paints are to be used in the Fox Valley Paint Traffic Marking Machine, or the Fox Valley Paint Athletic Marking Machines.  It is the best way to produce clean, bright, crisp stripped lines in your parking lot, warehouse, soccer, football or any athletic field.

Knowing about the different uses for each tip will help you get your job done in a professional timely manner and save you money and time! Please call one of our Fox Valley Paint striping and marking professionals today with any questions or orders at Fox Valley Paint (844)-MARKALL. (844) 627-5255.

Posted in Blog on November, 2017