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Five Things You Should Know About Striping Asphalt

Striping asphalt is a task that may seem simple at first, but if done incorrectly could prove to be more of a hassle than expected. Here are five things you should know about striping asphalt before you get started on a parking lot project.


  1. Clean the canvas: Before you put any paint to pavement, you’ve got to make sure your space is clean. Start by sweeping the area thoroughly in order to prevent incomplete lines. Small rocks or debris found on your pavement being covered in paint will lead to your lines having blank spaces in them once the rocks and debris are eventually blown away or otherwise removed. And rolling over a rock with your striping machine could cause a bump in your line.

  2. Measure twice, paint once: It is essential that you measure your space before painting on asphalt. That last thing you want when striping a parking lot is to run out of room for a space after already painting the first line. Measure out how many spaces you intend to make and how wide each of them will be.

  3. Where there’s a width there’s a way: Adjust the handle of your striping machine to your desired stripe width. You’re going to want all of the lines of your parking lot striping paint to be the same size, so make sure you know how wide you want them to be before you start spraying your road paint. Bold, visible lines are vital to a safe and functioning parking lot.

  4. Shake and secure: Prior to inserting the can of road paint into the striping machine, make sure to shake the can for at least one minute. This will loosen up the paint and make it dispense more evenly during your striping. After shaking the can and inserting it into your striping machine, be sure to secure the can of road paint so that it remains in the machine for the duration of the striping process.

  5. Slow and steady: When painting on asphalt, make sure you take your time. At Fox Valley Paint, our paint for asphalt is permanent, so while this means you won’t need to stripe your parking lot again in six months like with some other brands, it will mean that you need to be extra attentive while painting on asphalt. 

If you keep the above details in mind, you’ll be a parking lot pro in no time. Fox Valley Painting has all of your asphalt painting needs. Check out our Traffic Starter Kit to get started on your parking lot project  Please call one of our Fox Valley Paint striping and marking professionals today with any questions or orders at Fox Valley Paint (844)-MARKALL. (844) 627-5255.

Posted in Blog on January, 2021