Fox Valley Super Supreme Traffic Paint – White


The highest quality striping paint in the industry

-Solvent Based paint

-12 cans per case

-18oz cans

-Dries in less than 10 minutes

(12) Cans = (1) Case Unit
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Fox Valley Super Supreme Paint is The toughest traffic paint.

Designed for wear and tear

Thomas J Smrt was the inventor of the first upside-down aerosol spray can. Since its inception, Fox Valley Systems has striven to manufacture the highest quality line marking equipment. Fox Valley Super Supreme paint is a much more durable line marker paint, specifically designed for extra heavy duty traffic areas. Our line marking paint lasts up to 50% longer than our standard Super Stripe paint. The modified acrylic paint makes Fox Valley Super Supreme the hardest wearing paint on the market.  Fox Valley Super Supreme Paint lasts up to 50% longer than our standard Super Stripe paint. We make every effort to ensure our products produce the highest quality lines. Our paint cans are designed with a special nozzle for superb line definition and our aerosol paint is the only paint on the market with a 10-year clog-free guarantee.

Heavily Pigmented Paint

Show your stripes!

Our new and improved brighter yellow paint formula is packed with pigment! This makes the yellow Fox Valley Super Supreme paint much brighter than ever before, and much more capable of dealing with high volumes of traffic and heavy loads. Our Super Supreme paint resists wear much more so it takes longer to fade!


Amazing Versatility

Use our paint anywhere. For anything.

Fox Valley Paint provides the most versatile line marking system on the market. Fox Valley aerosol line marker paint can be applied using a Fox Valley “Super Striper” Traffic Line Marking Machine , the Easy Marker Handle wand, or free-hand. The special formulation of our yellow Super Supreme line marking paint makes it perfect for marking most hard surfaces. Super Supreme covers concrete, tarmac, block paving, stone and timber. Super Supreme yellow paint is ideal for use with our Super Striper line marking machine.  It is perfect for marking yellow traffic lines , parking lots, warehouses and factories.



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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 10.25 in