Fox Valley Super Striper Traffic Line Striping Machine


Super Striper Line Marking Machines for pavement, concrete and surfaces. Produces straight lines. 2.5″-4.5″” wide. Compatible with Fox Valley Traffic Marking Paints.


Stripe anything with ease with the Fox Valley Original Super Striper Line Marking Machine

Designed for wear and tear. Amazing Versatility. For Hard Surfaces – Concrete, Parking Lots, Pavement, Running Tracks…and more

The Fox Valley Super Striper Line Marking Machine is manufactured from hi-impact plastic. This durable design gives you the best performance line marking system available. Our enviable reputation as a leader in line marking systems. The Super Striper features a simple pinch lock which can be used to adjust the width of the stripe, and the Super Striper’s handle can be removed and used for intricate free-hand marking. This versatility allows you to mark perfect lines. Whatever you need. Whatever the environment, you can do it with the Fox Valley Original Super Striper Line Marking Machine.

Show your stripes!

The Fox Valley Original Super Striper Line Marking Machine will mark any hard surface. The Super Striper’s solid wheels and sturdy design allow you to mark any hard surface easily. You will find the Super Striper so simple to set up – shake the can, click it into the line marking machine, pull the trigger and go! No fuss. No mess.  When operating the Fox Valley Original Super Striper Line Marking Machine, make sure you shake the cans of Fox Valley Paint for at LEAST one full minute – or until you hear the little steel ball inside the can start to hit the sides and make the rattle noise.  Once you hear the rattle of the ball, you can be sure the paint is properly mixed and ready to spray.  If you finish half of a can and want to save it for another job, be sure to remove the can from the machine and clear the nozzle by spraying the can straight up into the air.  This will clear any of the paint that would dry in the spray tip causing it to dry and clog.

The Fox Valley Original Super Striper Line Marking Machine can work for small to large parking lots.  Sweep the debris off the parking lot, load the paint in the machine and you are all set!

Parking Lots. Warehouses. Factories. Safety Zones. Fire Lanes…


Additional information

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 17 × 13 in

Traffic (Concrete/Pavement), Athletic (Grass/Turf)