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Does potentiation depend on bodybuilding? Truth or myth utility

There is a steady statement that all who are engaged in bodybuilding, are impotent and even if you buy Cialis, then the effect of it will not. Is it true or stable myth invented by lazy?

Natural bodybuilding

This sport involves muscle hypertrophy and a decrease in the fat layer for a more aesthetic appearance of the body. It is very difficult to achieve results in this sport. It is necessary to exert a lot of effort to increase muscle mass. You can reach the goal in two ways:

In the first case, bodybuilding will be in plus sexual activity. After all, the increase of muscle fibers depends on the male sex hormones. The level above, the more effective will be hypertrophy of the muscles. When performing exercises with the burden of testosterone in the body increases.
There are a number of exercises that are most effective, because when they are performed in the blood there is a burst of hormones. These exercises are called BASIC, since all the muscles of the body are involved in their implementation. Maximum effect is achieved. These exercises are:

  • Squats with barbell;
  • Estate thrust;
  • Bench press.

There are plenty of variations of these exercises with different inventory, but the most effective with the barbell. Such loads increase blood flow to all organs, which positively affects men’s health. Subsequently, the athlete’s body quality gets better. Changes in the mirror will be a kind of incentive for men.
Attractive body adds confidence. There are complexes or psychological coination. Constant exercise at the gym only improve the potency. The level of the male hormones will always be normal, and it directly determines the quality of the male sexual health. Weakening of potency in natural bodybuilding can occur in preparation for the competition.

During this period, the athlete adheres to a strict diet. It is usually very fresh and monotonous. Physical activity during this period is exorbitant. A lot of effort remains in the gym. After such training sometimes you do not want to eat, just sleep. There is no longer to sex. After passing the competition, everything quickly comes back to normal. With the intake of your favorite food and ordinary workouts the erection is again stable.


Chemists are called bodybuilders who take steroid hormones. In such men, the process of gaining muscle mass is faster. But the quality of life suffers from it. Including potency. Permanent intake of the steroid can lead to a complete cessation of their own testosterone production. Therefore, before you start taking such drugs, you need to think. Who will need the beauty of the body, if the main muscle stops working.

Answering the question asked above, I would like to say that moderate exercise and balanced nutrition will be the key to men’s health for years to come.