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Why Fox Valley Paint is the Best Parking Lot Striping machine and inverted aerosol marking paint company?

Parking Lot Striping
Parking Lot Striping

Fox Valley Paint is the quickest and most affordable way to make your parking lot look professional and attractive to your patrons. Using our Fox Valley Green Traffic striping machine and applying our inverted aerosol traffic striping paint, in a few hours, you can have a professional result for fractions of the cost of hiring a company to come stripe your parking lot for you.

Whether you are going over existing striping lines, or laying down fresh lines with our starter kits, it is an easy and simple process.  It is surprising the satisfaction you get when you stripe your own parking lot yourself.  Driving up to your business, home or work into a freshly striped parking lot gives you a great deal of satisfaction looking at your improved surroundings.

Fox Valley Paint has two specials brand of inverted aerosol marking paint “Super Stripe” and “Super Supreme”.  The difference between the two is the amount of pigment in the paint, and the amount of adhesive in the paint. The Super Stripe is our flagship paint and revolutionized the striping world when it was released 30 years ago. It is high quality inverted aerosol marking paint that is specially formulated to fit in the Fox Valley parking lot striping machine.  Next we have the Super Supreme traffic marking paint.  It is our highest quality striping paint and will go on brighter and last longer than any other inverted marking paint produced. If you want to stripe your parking lot, Fox Valley Striping paints have the solution and products for you.

Are you responsible for parking lot maintenance?  You need to have a Fox Valley super striper and a couple cases of Super Supreme inverted marking paint in your storage area.  Our inverted marking paint is perfect for striping:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Schools/Universities
  • Hospitals / Institutions
  • Airports
  • Industrial Plants
  • Any place with parking spaces!

Our starter kits come with a chalk liner so you can snap guidelines and lay down straight lines the first time.  Once your initial lines are down it is simple to keep them looking great.  Just roll out the Fox Valley Super Stripe parking lot striper and load a can of paint into the top and squeeze the trigger!  Your neighbors will be envious of how fresh and clean your parking lot is looking. Tell them to call Fox Valley Paint and get on the striping program! Stop wasting thousands of dollars on hiring our striping companies to do something you can do just as good yourself.  The machine lasts a lifetime.

Our Fox Valley “Stripe Your Own Lot” starter kit on our website is the best way to get started.  You simply need to choose if you want WHITE lines or YELLOW lines in your lot. It already comes with a few cans of blue marking paint for marking your handicap spaces and stencils.

Investing in a Fox Valley Parking lot striping machine is the best way to solve your parking lot maintenance responsibilities.   Call one of our striping professionals today with any questions or orders at Fox Valley Paint 844-MARKALL. (844) 627-5255.

Posted in Parking Lot Striping on August, 2017