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Parking Lot Striping
Best Quality Parking Lot Striping Machine Provider with Affordable rate.

Fox Valley Paint is the world leader in athletic field paints and inverted aerosol marking paints.  Whether you are painting a parking lots, athletic fields, warehouses or marking utilities, Fox Valley Paint has the perfect striping or marking solution for you.

All Fox Valley Paint is the highest commercial grade quality product, yet can be used easily whether it is your first time striping or you’re a pro.

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Our line of Fox Valley Athletic Field Paint is used to mark soccer fields, football fields, baseballs fields, playgrounds golf courses and more.  It is a water based product that creates long lasting, clean and highly visible lines that can endure both weather and high traffic without fading.  It creates sharp well defined lines that last, and won’t harm your field.  You can order Fox Valley Athletic Field Paints here.

The machine you need to stripe properly, is the Fox Valley “Green Machine” Super Striper.  It is designed specifically to work with the “spade tip” on the spray cans. It has the ability to stripe lines from 1″ to 5″, making it the most adjustable machine on the market.  If crisp, sharp lines is what you are after, with the easiest setup and the most versatility, The Fox Valley Super Striper is the only machine you want to use with Fox Valley Paint.  There is both an Athletic Super Striper and a Traffic Super Striper, the main difference between the two is the wheel size.  The Athletic Super Striper has bigger wheels to accommodate the extra clearance for the grass.

So, if your striping a soccer field, or striping a football and baseball field; or maybe your striping your office parking lot or driveway, Fox Valley Paint has the right striping solution for you.

Posted in Inverted marking paint, Parking Lot Striping on September, 2017